Leaders Share Wisdom at the Reminiscing Corner

We set up a Reminiscing Corner at the Skilled Healthcare Leadership Conference in Las Vegas at the invitation of Debbie Robson, Hospice Care of the West Executive Director. Check out the video. A Reminiscing Corner is literally a video camera and life story documentary filmmaker,

Jay Gianukos, set up in a private meeting room for the leaders of hospice to come and share and record their life stories and wisdom in an abbreviated life review interview. Then we edit these interviews into a polished video with pictures and music that we show as the conference finale. I want to personally thank the individuals—Jonathan Monks, Robert Meyer, Judith Eighmy, Deborah Evenson Brooks and Adam Roach for sharing your story with us.

Our hope is to create a tradition within the corporate culture of celebrating the lives of these special people, just as we do at Hospice Care of the West with our signature Life Review Video program that records the life stories and wisdom of hospice patients to pass on as lasting gift to their families. It’s our way of humanizing hospice by spotlighting the authentic people called to lead hospice care. Shane Peck, President of Signature Hospice and Home Health at Skilled Healthcare, expressed his gratitude for the unique shared experience that we bring to the conference with this Reminiscing Corner. This is our second year holding a Reminiscing Corner at the conference. Check out the first one that was a success. Below is the video from last year. This tradition calls these leaders to pause, reflect and be inspired by the paths that bring us all together to serve patients in hospice.





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  1. Shannon Sirovy

    I love the video!! Well done Jay! Judith Eighmy’s story made me tear up. And I like what Robert Meyer said about sitting next to someone on a plane and changing their perception about what hospice is because that’s what’s important – changing the public’s perception about end-of-life. Great job!!

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