Doctors Share Hospice in Our Commercial

Hospice Care of the West Commercial from point of view of the doctor to raise awareness that patients have a choices in hospice and end-of-life care.

Check out our new commercial! Dr. Kasra Morsh and Dr. Kang Hsu joined us at Hospice Care of the West to film our fourth commercial.  Both doctors gave us such insight on why they choose Hospice Care of the West for their patients. Often folks hear about hospice when it’s too late and so we created these commercials to educate the community and raise awareness. Patients and families have choices even in their most vulnerable hour. Dr. Morsh talked of how the whole team—nurse, social worker, spiritual care coordinator and home health aid have a lot of heart, compassionate and drive to go beyond their call to make patients comfortable and provide a safety net of support for the family. Dr. Hsu agreed that the hospice team takes care of the patient and the family.

Dr. Hsu enlightened us on recent studies that report how patients often live longer than the expected prognosis of six months or less if they transition into hospice earlier in their journey because their pain is under control. With hospice, patients have a better quality of life surrounded by a team dedicated to their physical, emotional, familial and financial needs in their home, or the place they call home. The doctors shared how they approach end-of-life conversations with their patients, more importantly we learned that they’ve never had a patient unhappy after transitioning their care to hospice. Choosing the right hospice is so important when it comes to creating a comfortable, pain-free environment filled with dignity for the patient and the family.


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