Lotte’s Life Review Video Screening

I had the pleasure of attending the screening of Lotte Hoffman’s life review video. She invited her care team from Hospice Care of the West and the volunteer life review video editor, Steffani Francis, over for brunch and the video screening. Lotte absolutely loved her life review video, a gift from Hospice Care of the West.  Shannon Moore, the volunteer director, said Lotte, a holocaust survivor, is one of the most interesting women she had ever interviewed for a life review video.

I had to agree as we gathered around to watch the life review on the big screen. Lotte told the story of going into hiding on Kristallnacht, or “Night of Broken Glass,” when the Nazis invaded Jewish homes, synagogues and stores in Germany. They hauled thousands of Jews off to concentration camps that night. As the historic images of Kristallnacht flashed on the screen, Lotte recalled being a child hiding with her mother and sister at the neighbor’s house. She shared this piece of personal history along with many other stories and lessons for posterity. You could see the glimmer in her eye as she flashed forward and backward in time watching her life preserved in a documentary film. This is why we do what we do in the life review video volunteer program to celebrate the lives of our hospice patients and let them know how they will be remembered. Lotte gave us a glimpse of the old world in the present day. Thank you for a lovely brunch Lotte and thank you for sharing your life with us!

Lotte Hoffman, hospice patient, watching her life review video, a gift from Hospice Care of the West.


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