Personal Journey of Alzheimer’s Disease and Hospice

On local Channel 6 News, Patty Mouton, family member of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, shares her story of choices and support received from Hospice Care of the West,

at a challenging period in her mother-in-law’s life. Initially, she was shocke

d when the doctor suggested hospice, but in hindsight she realized hospice care was the right choice for her mother-in-law at that stage of her journey. Patty is also the Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy of the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter, so this journey struck her on a personal and professional level.

“Hospice was a tremendous benefit,” she says. Patty talked about the interdisciplinary team such as the social worker who helped smooth out the rough family dynamics and the chaplain who guided her family spiritually find peace and connect with their local church. The Hospice Care of the West team even sent a hairdresser who came and cut her hair. “She looked just adorable,” Patty reflected. But more importantly, “she was comfortable,” Patty said. Hospice and the end of life is often a journey into the unknown and even more challenging when a parent has Alzheimer’s disease. Click below to listen to Patty’s interview with the Channel

6 morning news anchor.

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